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Consummation, a school suspense story across time and space, is on air tonight!


Consummation, the school suspense episodes are aired on streaming platform Mango TV today (July 22nd) and broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday, with six more episodes in advance for VIP members. It is co-presented by Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Mango TV, and broadcast by Mango TV exclusively. Consummation, starring young actors and actresses Li Haofei, Zhao Yiqin, Zhou Dawei, Wang Yizhe, Huang Xinyao, is produced by Yu Zheng and co-directed by Qi Xiaohui and Guo Hao.

This summer, Consummation will bring you a sense of nostalgia in search of truth in memories, where young men recapture their lost warmth and experience the sentiment and muddle of adolescence and beauty and bewilderment in youth.

Back to school with nostalgia, Interpretation of youth in various ways

Consummation tells a story that a group of classmates led by Lin Shanhe (played by Zhou Dawei) and Cui Zhenyan (played by Huang Xinyao) helped Xia Shi (played by Zhao Yiqin), a young man with post-traumatic amnesia to go back to high school days in search of memory and Ye Sangyu (played by Li Haofei), the girl been forgotten, through a VR game. Combining suspense and technology, Consummation is more innovative in theme and attractive than other youth movies. What would the unique episodes with a combination of youth and technology and the clash between nostalgia and modernity bring to us? You will find it out by yourself tonight.

The latest official trailer presents you the school life of leading actors with refreshing hue and relaxed rhythm, and you can have a clue about their relationship from it. From details in the trailer, we can see the production team tried their best to restore the high school life a decade ago. Ubiquitous details in role modeling and school scenery setting bring audience joy and nostalgia, telling memories of school days of the production team.

Posters of three pairs of actor and actress give you a clue about their relationships. Ye Sangyu and Xia Shi sit back to back, smile and steal a glance at each other. Lin Shanhe and Cui Zhenyan sit side by side with different minds. Gao Yukun (played by Yaotong) and Shilang (played by Wang Lefu) are sporty with sharp eyes. Innocent and bright teenagers with their pure and sentimental minds make you expect their interactions and stories.

Portrayal of adolescence, Narration of teenagers’ secrets in sentimental relations.

Leading roles appeared in the latest official trailer. Although actors and actresses are young, they cannot be taken lightly in potential. Performers switch naturally between teenagers and adults, who are clearly different in their dispositions, and fully illustrate innocence and straightforwardness in school days and prudence and vicissitudes of adulthood. In school days, the larger part in the trailer, hero Zhao Yiqin and heroine Li Haofei, as well as other leading roles Zhou Dawei, Huang Xinyao and Gao Yukun act as schoolboys and schoolgirls naturally, and it is prone to bring the audience back to the school in their memories.

In the informative trailer, boys and girls chase each other and unveil their sweetness and bitterness due to puppy love in the sentimental relationships. These young performers tell the secrets of teenagers in puberty with their authenticity.

Consummation is the first modern high school drama of Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd, but the company is innovative, not only changing its narrative mode but also making the story a little suspenseful, decorating the sweet and peaceful high school drama with more thrilling and attractive scenes. For more truths in Consummation, you can find it out in Mango TV by yourself at 20:00 tonight!