Rong Yang

Rong Yang

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Rong Yang
Rong Yang     
Basic Information

Rong Yang is an actress of Bai ethnicity who was born in Baoshan, Yunnan Province on March 6, 1981. She enrolled at the Performance Department of the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1997 and graduated there with a bachelor's degree. In 2002, she played Tong Layue in Young Prince. In 2005, she came to be in the spotlight for playing Xiao Fengzhen, a role in Young Bao Qingtian 3. In 2011 she signed a contract with Yu Zheng Studio and in 2012 for the first time she played the villain in Locked Beaded Curtain. In 2013 she played a powerful imperial concubine, Xiao Huanyun, in The Legend of Lu Zhen. Then in 2014, she played the heroine of Cosmetology High, Su Lianyi. In 2016, she won the Annual Most Popular Screen CP Award at the 2017 iQIYI Scream Night. In 2017, she won the Most Popular Actress Award at the Second Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival. In August 2018, she won the Most Popular Actress Award at the 2018 FEIA Ceremony. On November 24, she participated in a very famous reality show, Happy Camp.

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Key achievements

TV Dramas

Sand Sea; Role: Liang Wan; Director: Zelu Li, Kunyu Mao

K9 Coming; Role: He Mumian; Director: Jinyun Gu

Monster Hunting; Role: Ling Xi; Director: Wai-Man Cheng

Memory Lost; Role: Bai Jinxi/Su Mian; Director: Tat Chiu Lee, George San-Chuen Leung

Flying Daggers; Role: Xue Caiyue; Director: Shengquan Liang, Chun Man Wong, Guohui Liu

Hello Tomorrow; Role: Chen Momo; Director: Mingfei Wang

Fury of the Dragon; Role: Lu Yanming; Director: Jin Chen, Ling Fei

Cosmetology High; Role: Su Lianyi; Director: Wai Chu Lee, Wai Yan Tang, Wong Chun Man

Gold Female Thief; Role: Du Xiaohan; Director: Yushan Chen, Xiaopeng Zhou, Huagan Ma

The Condor Heroes; Role: Mei Chaofeng; Director: Wai Chu Lee, Wai Yan Tang, Tat Chiu Lee

The Lost Daughter; Role: Tong Yuxiu; Director: Wai Chu Lee, Wai Yan Tang

Forever Love; Role: Gu Zhixia; Director: Tian Shaobo

Lock Dream; Role: Zhou Qing; Director: Yijuan Hu, Huang Jun

Yunge from the Desert; Role: Huo Chengjun; Director: Yijuan Hu, Cai Jingsheng, Hu Mingkai

The Swordsman Role; Yue Lingshan; Director: Yijuan Hu, Wong Chun Man

The Legend of Lu Zhen; Role: Xiao Huanyun; Director: Wai Chu Lee, Wai Yan Tang, Liang Guoguan

Locked Beaded Curtain; Role: Xu Jia Xixiang; Director: Wai Chu Lee, Wai Yan Tang

Young Prince; Role: Tong Layue; Director: Liu Heng