Jinyan Wu

Jinyan Wu

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Jinyan Wu
Jinyan Wu     
Basic Information

In 2007, she started to work for the National Ballet of China. In 2010, she played a role in the TV drama Time-travel of Six Persons. In 2011, she signed a contract with Zijun Film & TV Media Group and starred in the film The Law of Attraction which was the only Chinese film selected for competition at the 35th Montreal World Film Festival. In 2012, she took part in the TV drama Flowers of Qinghai and the film Forever Young. In 2013, she stood out as she played twin sisters with quite different personalities in Beauties in War, a period drama set in the Republic of China. In 2016, she played Xu Yanzhi in the costume drama Long Trip to Beautiful Rivers and Mountains. In 2018, she received more attention thanks to her performance in the costume drama Story of Yanxi Palace. On December 28, 2018, she won the Outstanding Actress Award and the Best Actress for Online Dramas at the Fifth Chinese TV Ceremony for The Actors of China. On December 31 of the same year, she starred in the 2019 New Year's Eve Concert of Dragon TV.

Photo gallery
Performing experience


Go Now: Never Say Goodbye; Role: Xue Qi (heroine); Director: Zhang Cheng

The Advertising Video of The Eight Hundred; Role: Heroine; Director: Guan Hu

The Advertising Video of I Am Not Madame Bovary; Role: Li Xuelian ; Director: Feng Xiaogang

Mr. Six; Role: Zheng Hong; Director: Guan Hu

Forever Young; Role: Lin Huiyin; Director: Li Fangfang

TV Dramas

We Are Young; Role: Qian Xixi (heroine); Director: Chen Feihong

The Founding of a Republic; Role: Zhang Xifeng (unit heroine); Director: Wang Weimin

Fighting Youth; Role: Zhang Xiaoyu (heroine); Director:Mu Xiaojie

You are my Answer; Role: Bai Xiaolu (heroine); Director: Han Qing

The Legend of Haolan; Role: Li Haolan (heroine); Director: Tat Chiu Lee

Story of Yanxi Palace; Role: Wei Yingluo (heroine); Director:Hui Kaidong

Picked Flowers; Role: Yao Li (unit heroine); Director: Gao Shengzhong

Untouchable Lovers; Role: Empress Feng; Director: Wai Chu Lee

Zhao Ge; Role: Da Ji (heroine); Director: Tat Chiu Lee, Kenne Yam, David lau.

The Tolling Bells of the Bund; Role: Du Xinmei (heroine); Director: Guang Hu, Fei Zhenxiang

Key achievements

The Magnolia Award at the 20th Shanghai Television Festival.

Nominated for The Most Popular Actress, in Beauties in War.

The 24th Tripod Award.

Winner of the Best Actress Award for TV costume drama, Story of Yanxi Palace.

Other awards:

Best Actress Award for Online Dramas at the Fifth China TV Ceremony for Good Actors and Actresses