Weilong Song

Weilong Song

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Weilong Song
Weilong Song     
Basic Information

Song Weilong is an actor and model who was born on March 25, 1999 in Dalian, Liaoning. He has signed a contract with Huanyu Entertainment. He has received great attention of audiences since he played Wang Xiao, the young master of the Rainbow Valley, in The Love Story of Run for Time (Season VI) in 2015. In January 2016, he joined the talk show Day Day Up of Hunan TV as one of everyday brothers. In March of the same year, he played a leading role in a love film, CATMAN, and in June he participated in the fantasy drama Demon Girl. In the same year, he played Nan Ji a role of Dream Breaker, which was released on November 9, 2018. In June 2017, he played a leading role in the TV drama Beautiful Reborn Flower.

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Performing experience

TV Dramas

2019 In a Class of her Own; Role: Feng Chengjun; Director: Lei Zhi

2018 Find Yourself; Role: Yuan Song; Director: Ding Ziguang

2017 Untouchable Lovers; Role: Rong Zhi; Director: Wai Chu Lee

2017 Beautiful Reborn Flower; Role: Lin Heping; Director: Wang Xiaokang

2016 Long for You; Role: Gu Shiyi; Director: Cattree

2016 Demon Girl; Role: Ying Long; Director: Kenne Yam, David Lau


2019 Love the Way You are; Role: Fang Yuke; Director: Zhou Tong, Dai Mengying

2016 Dream Breaker; Role: Nan Ji; Director: Han Yan

2016 Passage of My Youth; Role: Jiang Hai; Director: Qin Xiaozhen; Supervisor: Nick Cheung

2016 CATMAN; Role: Chaochao; Director: Hee-gon Park

Reality Shows

Happy Camp of Hunan TV

Day Day Up of Hunan TV

Give Me Five of Zhejiang TV

Run for Time of Hunan TV

The Gift of Love of Anhui TV