Lu Bai

Lu Bai

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Lu Bai
Lu Bai     
Basic Information

Bai Lu is an actress and model who was born on September 23 1994 in Changzhou, Jiangsu. In July 2016, she played a leading role in the MV of The Message, sung by Lu Hu. In September of the same year, she debuted in the TV drama Zhao Ge, proving her arrival to show business. In 2017, she played two roles, Huo Xuan and Le Yun, both of whom had quite different personalities, in the costume TV drama Untouchable Lovers. In December of the same year, she won the Most Popular TV Actress of the Year Award at the Tencent Video All Stars Awards Ceremony 2017 thanks to her performance in the TV drama King is Not Easy. She played the leading role of the Queen Wu Shuang of the Kingdom of Women in the TV drama The Monkey King in the same year. On December 1, 2018, she won the Most Popular TV Actress of the Year Award from 2019 iQIYI Scream Night. On December 31, she starred in the 2019 New Year's Eve Concert of Dragon TV.

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Performing experience

Jiuliu Overlord; Role: Long Aoyi; Director: Qiu Yu, Ma Chengcheng

Luck’s First Love; Role: Xing Yun; Director: Chen Shiyi;

Arsenal Military Academy; Role: Xie Xiang; Director: Kaidong Hui

The Legends; Role: Lu Zhaoyao; Director: Wai-Man Cheng

The Monkey King; Role: Wu Shuang; Director: Huang ZuQuan

Untouchable Lovers; Role: Huo Xuan/Le Yun; Director: Wai Chu Lee

Zhao Ge; Role: Deng Chanyu; Director: Tat Chiu Lee, Kenne Yam, David Lau

King is Not Easy; Role: Da Xi; Director: Kenne Yam, David Lau